Our aim is to make medical documents (images, reports, etc. with increasingly more specialized
diagnostic options) available to patients and their
attending physicians in clinics and ordinations in a
structured and clear manner.

Images and results online


Health should remain affordable for everyone at a high level. SUSTSOL offers innovative solutions in the health sector that include the latest scientific developments and are in balance with social, economic and ecological needs.

SUSTSOL provides the healthcare system with new technological developments and solutions for efficient, system-integrated treatment processes.

Innovative web-based solutions, adherence to
data protection requirements and inexpensive
infrastructures enable doctors and patients to
save time during the treatment processes.
Everyone should have their medical findings
available whenever and wherever they need


As an independent technology and software
development company, we create innovative IT
solutions in the healthcare sector. Our partners
are experts and scientific institutions in the health sector and their partners.