Doctor & patient are always up to date online

SUSDOX is an innovative system that gives
attending physicians immediate access to medical
reports, images and other data 24/7. The patient
is always in control of who is authorized to view
their data. This saves time and resources.

Images and medical reports online

Innovative & inspiring.

  • The patient specifies the doctor / hospital
    who will carry out their further treatment.
  • The patient receives a personal PIN code
    during their examination (e.g. radiology).
  • The attending doctors and their patients
    can view the images within a few minutes
    after the their examination.
  • The findings become available after the
    physician’s approval.

Advantages for the patient

  • All examinations are always available in an
    organized manner
  • Comfortable
  • Independent from your location (available
    during vacations and in emergencies
    wherever they are)
  • No installation required
  • Can entitle doctors of their choice
  • Get second opinions
  • Free of charge

Advantages for doctors and hospitals

  • Images open within seconds
  • Open preliminary examinations with a
    click of the mouse
  • Location-independent access (e.g. in the
    operating theater)
  • Reduces work and saves time
  • No installation required
  • No data storage required
  • Original DICOM data (automatic download
    on demand, e.g. clinics)
  • Free of charge for attending physicians

Advantages for radiologists

  • Simple and clear processes
  • Less printing, fewer phone calls, less CD-burning and enveloping
  • No need for consumables like paper or
  • Satisfied patients
  • Satisfied referring doctors

Advantages for the society

  • Environment and resource-friendly:
    • no film production and disposal
    • shortens patient routes (no pick-up, no forgetting)
  • Reduces costs
  • Better treatments:
    • Preliminary examinations always
    • Faster treatment options
      (emergencies, etc.)