Doctors, hospitals and diagnostic that trust SUSTSOL

Every mark symbolises a radiologist in this region
that offers the best possible service for their
patients and doctors / hospitals with SUSDOX.

Carinthia is the first and so far, the only region
with a continuous radiological document
availability in medical practices and clinics.

Images and medical reports online

Innovation that convinces

Not only can patients, who carry out their
examinations at radiologists who use SUSDOX, be
treated anywhere in Austria, but wherever they
are. Patients can authorize doctors whom they
trust anywhere and anytime.

Radiologists who use SUSDOX can bring many
benefits to their patients. Their medical reports
and images may be consulted anywhere within
Austria, Europe or worldwide. The patient always
has full control with whom to share their data.

We have been using the SUSDOX system in our institute for about a year and it has led to a significant improvement in communication with patients and, above all, referring physicians.
Not only does the direct access to previous
findings and models accelerate the workflow, but
it also improves findings in various fields, for
example in mammography. A decrease in the number of printed images on paper or CD-ROMs is also essential, as more and more referrers are accessing the data directly online.
Overall, systems of this type are an important step
toward the future of radiology!

Univ.Doz. Dr. Manfred Baldt
Chairman of the Carinthian Radiology Society


SUSDOX has become indispensable in daily hospital life and in the outpatient institute:

The radiology department of the hospital allows all referrers – whether within the private clinic or
externally in their practices – to access all studies at any time with the same image viewing software
using SUSDOX. The images are available immediately after the examination, and the findings are available after validation. Thus, the referrer can already access images before the patient is back in his practice or back on the ward.

Patients can use their access code to allow any doctor to access images and findings from their examinations, even if he was not the referrer – very important for consultative visits with external images or for further referral in the outpatient sector. The patients can also view images and findings

With the image and findings call-up via the patient’s PIN code, all retrieved images are automatically loaded in the background in DICOM format into the PACS and are available to all doctors in the house this works without a phone call or fax from all radiology practices in Carinthia. All images and findings can also be transmitted to all hospitals in the country via SUSDOX. Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve images and findings from the hospitals of KABEG – otherwise, unrestricted image and findings exchange would already be a reality today in Carinthia, as the first federal state in Austria.

Prim. Dr. Manfred Kontrus
Head of Radiology


Sustsol is brilliant – why?

The answer is as simple as it is logical. It’s a win-win-win situation.

What does this mean?

  • Our patients receive findings and images via internet access and can use them with any treating doctor worldwide, which plays a major role, especially for our foreign patients.
  • Our referrers have access to all images and findings of their patients with a simple click.
  • For our practice, there is a massive time saving – no sorting, no printing of images, no burning of CDs, no issuing of findings. Especially in times of Corona, it is not necessary for patients to pick up their findings, and thus increased patient traffic in the practice is not necessary.

In our experience of over a year, we can rightly claim to have a high degree of satisfaction among our patients and referrers with this system a clear recommendation from us.

Dr. Andreas Kanzian
Dr. Helmut Peinsith


I got to know the system through a patient who was in rehab at SKA Zicksee.

The SKA requested an MRI examination – and the patient gave me his patient PIN code for his
preliminary examinations. I was able to immediately look into the preliminary examinations of Dr. Wolfgang Maurer in Güssing for the current diagnosis.

This quality has always been my idea of good radiological diagnostics and service for the treating doctors.

Dr. Friedrich Karner
Chairman of the Radiology Specialist Group Burgenland


The SUSDOX portal offers more for our referrers and patients than we expected when we
commissioned it.

  • The scope in nuclear medicine was expanded by laboratory values and stress tests.
  • CORONA – pandemic conditions
  • extensions Extension to include Covid-19 test results
  • Through the electronic availability of examination results for doctors and patients, all unnecessary contacts could be avoided.

Dr. Thomas Mader
Dr. Michael Reisegger
Prim. Dr. Franz Prasch


“It’s important to me that my referrers are satisfied.”

“I’ve been using SUSDOX since 2014. Great solution – and the technicians understand me.”

“As a general practitioner, I have the X-ray images with just one click. Great!”

“SUSDOX delivers the images super quickly – it’s the best solution on the market.”


“Simple and uncomplicated way to transmit digital images and findings to referrers and patients.
With the best service and support.”

“…now the patient can no longer forget, lose, or destroy the images…”

Eine Patientin mit chronischer Erkrankung

“I don’t need to pick up images and findings anymore and can show everything to doctors with my PIN code.”

“Since using SUSDOX, I don’t want any printed X-rays or CDs.”

“Patient treatments require all relevant examinations, simply – quickly – securely. The SUSDOX portal
meets our needs.”